Thanks for the cats

Thanks for the cats! (Florence’s stories)

Who wonders whom

I’m really annoyed by people who like to say that nothing surprise them. They are so … categorical! Well, they must have a hard time with those who are amazed by almost everything … But everywhere it is crowded with amazing things !!! Immediately – example: In Norway, sheep are not milked, so as not to …be get stressed ???! Or – a movie star has a pet … a huge pig !!!? Well, this baby doesn’t want to suck by anyone but … the cow, and she stays still until he sucks …
But the most amazing thing for me are the people … and the ones who don’t like and don’t love cats ?? !! Oh, I see their mocking faces !!! No, they would not claim that those, (the animals!) that they clothe with (give wool) and feed with (raise them for meat and milk) are the only ones who deserve good treatment and … let’s say … love! They just don’t like cats … ?? How can one not wonder?

Something to like

Here is what the ones who dislike cats see: The Almighty God, who created every living thing – from the ant to the elephant, from the mouse to the lion, decides that the earth will not be completely perfect if small fluffy animals with sharp claws do not walk on it … And who, excuse me, would have needed them and what is the use of them? They are night hunters and day sloths. They settle in people’s homes and terrorize them: they turn them into servants, do incredible mischief (in the worst case, they turn the aquarium over and eat the fish !!!

Something to like
Not to mention the scratches and holes from their teeth on the hands of their poor owners … And the curtains? And the tattered furniture? And the horrible fluff and hair everywhere? We also got to the unbearable meowing, which lead the neighbors to the decision to get an air rifle … Something to like?

Who chooses what

Yeeeees … The familiar story with the Dalmatian: some saw the white dog and others – his black spots … I think: after the first people – Adam and Eve – sinned, after realizing that they lost their greatest wealth – close communication with their Creator, what emptiness and pain have they experienced …? I imagine (without a drop of irony and joke !!) Eve, in tears, inconsolable and overwhelmed by her guilt …
And Adam (who loves her so much that he agreed to take part in her sin), trying to comfort her somehow … And around them are all God-created animals … and a little kitten petting around a man’s feet. ..He picks it up, hands it to Eve, and it snuggles into her and it starts purring sweetly …

Who choose what

That’s it! A purring kitten in your arms! And … you forgive them everything! No matter how nervous, sad, anxious you are – the warm body in your arms seems to heal …, soothe, cause you some pleasure … inexplicable …

What ?!- evolution ??!!

My daughter’s ability to amaze me is … amazing! Yesterday she informed me that she had finally convinced her friends that there was no such thing as animal evolution. How, I asked, and she showed me the cat and explained how easy it was. She simply asked the question: “from which animal did cats come?

What?!- evolution??!!

Oh, don’t tell me they’re reduced tigers, lions and leopards! – because then no evolution exists, nothing can be made from big to small …” – she told the girls … and read them the verse from the first book of the Bible Genesis:
“God created the earth animals according to their species …” Well, my daughter is only seven and reads a lot. He loves biblical stories, she loves the Good God and … cats.

So beautiful and perfect

This conversation made me re-read the whole story of creation in Genesis in the evening (You also can read it HERE> Genesis Chapter 1) When I went to the kids room to say good night to my child, I heard her praying before the bed, as usual … “God, You are so good and I am very happy for all the animals you have created. . I’m sorry that I don’t like some of them as much as cats … And I like my kitten Celeste the most. She is really the best and I thank you very much for her and for all the cats, God thank you. ”
I looked through the open door and saw my daughter hugging the fluffy Celeste … What perfection !!!

What perfection
In the morning, as always, our kitten came to have breakfast in the kitchen. I took it and looked at it as if seeing it for the first time, constantly wondering at every part of it – why did the Creator create it? Celeste stretched a paw to my face and patted it, then blinked and prepared to sleep again, huddled on me … She yawned and fidgeted contentedly … Here it is … Thank you for the cats!

Thank You for the cats!





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