IF YOU CAN BELIEVE! I want to believe! (part 1)

Did you believe in something you wanted to happen, and at the same time you fought the doubt? And did you wish you had more faith, knowing that this would bring changes not only in your life, but in other people’s lives as well?

You are not alone. It’s not just you and me …

I like the story of the boy’s father possessed by the unclean spirit. He had the same problem. If you want to read the whole story, click here.
Do you remember the disciples of Jesus, when they interrupt Him and as if all in one voice ask Him to give them faith? This episode is recorded here.
I will focus on two verses from the two stories, which I think complement each other, although they were written by two completely different people who did not even know each other (Luke was a doctor, for example, and wrote his 2 books: The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles long time after the Apostle Mark). This is one of the amazing things about the Bible – different verses from different books are supplemented and explained each other …

And now we can think together …

Why did the child’s father immediately cry out, saying: ““Lord, I believe;” And then – “help my unbelief”? (Mark 9:24)
And how so the men who followed Jesus steadfastly (because they believed him!): “And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.” (Luke 17: 5)

Two cases of lack of faith or rather not enough faith, in two different gospels; two completely different situations.

I can understand the hesitation of the desperate father that the evangelist Mark talks about in chapter 9. “From childhood” he did not only watch, but was also part of the agony of his son, possessed by a demon, “often he has thrown him both into the fire and into the water to destroy him.…” We can assume that the parents and relatives tried in every way to help the sufferer. So far no prayer has been answered, no tried means have helped.

But in the case of the disciples of Christ, their “Increase our faith” surprises me a bit.

(Well, in the Bible I read, which is translated to  my language is written: “Give us faith” . That sounds even worse, right!). Hardly, after such close contact with the Son of God, friendship, training, seminars, courses and programs for preaching, and missionary journeys, have the apostles remained with little faith. We know from the Gospels that many of them had trouble believing in the divinity of their Master, Jesus Christ. But it seems that the new teachings of Jesus also caused an inner struggle in their hearts. And they needed strong faith, not only to accept and believe in all the words of their Heavenly Master, but also to put them into practice, as followers of Jesus and serve as an example to others.

Many of them were proud, powerful, and combative figures, such as Peter and the sons of Zebedee (James and John), called “sons of thunder,” Judas Iscariot, and many others. The teachings of Jesus Christ were “hard-to-digest food.”

Here’s a few examples:

-how to love unreservedly not only those who love you, but to love your enemies and do them good
-learn to forgive from the heart
– that the end of the world will come one day, but a Kingdom of Heaven is prepared for all who believe and accept as their personal Redeemer, this Jesus of Nazareth, Who says and … proves, among other things, that he is the Messiah of the world – God in human form;
-not the Romans will kill Him by crucifying Him, but the sins of His contemporaries and the people of the following centuries will break His heart (this includes you and me, to my great sorrow);
-He loved so much not only the people of His time and the people before, but also you and me that He gave His life to pay the price of our sin …. and now you don’t have to die for your sins, nor I for mine, because Christ shed His blood on Golgotha ​​and now we are reconciled to God …..

Oh, these are pretty serious things to think about and discuss with others, to read here and there, and to study in the Bible – the Word of God.
Accepting a person as a friend and trusting him and finally loving and recognizing him as a good or even a best friend requires time, quality communication, compromises and a lot of dedication.

So it is the same with God and His word.

Now you understand why his disciples honestly shout, “Increase our faith” . I want to admit to you that I have prayed many times to God to give me more faith. And it still happens from time to time when it comes to great miracles that I can’t contribute anything, to ask for a VERY GREAT FAITH. And it takes time, but God works with those who want change, and miracles happen in God’s time and in His way. I say this with а hand on my heart from personal experience – miracles continue to happen!

I also had my doubts on many spiritual issues.

But on the narrow way up, with my God, to His kingdom, I have no desire to go back. After so many years of studying His Word, associating with people who share my beliefs, trying to establish a strong relationship with my Savior, and hoping my faith will increase and strengthen, I have dark days in my life as I cry out to Jesus: “Help my unbelief.”

And I haven’t stopped there.

I keep reading the Bible, the living Word of God. And each time He surprises me with the truths He has put into it that can only change everyone’s life.
It is great to approach the Savior of the world by getting to know His character and finding out that He is your only true friend … because He died for you! And not only that, He can always stay by your side. He understands you without looking at the “black dots of the white dog”. This ignites and sustains my faith.
But let’s go back to the story of the father with the sick child.



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