Do you know?

Do you know?

Do you know how many types of Christians there are? I do not mean Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Catholicism, different denominations, etc. This is something different. I will share my personal opinion based on my communication with people who call themselves Christians. I have lived in several countries where the official religion is Christianity. So, in my …

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I wish you…

Words of encouragement. I recently opened my Bible to very encouraging words. I wasn’t looking for anything specific, but I believe I needed to read just that … again :)! In fact, I have read this Psalm 121 many times. And I even often sent it as a text message or wrote it in wish …

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What happened at Golgotha?

What happened at Golgotha? Have you ever wondered why for Christians Golgotha ​​(the place where Jesus Christ was crucified, or more precisely: the Cross) is such an important concept, carrying exceptional meaning and heavenly power? This question can hardly be answered in just one sentence. Believe me, many books have been written on this topic. …

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You are a temple

Imagine that you are a very talented architect, designer and a good organizer. Imagine that you are a very talented architect, designer and a good organizer who receives the exclusive project: to build a building in which all presidents, kings, monarchs and their ministers from all over the world will gather every month for diplomatic …

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A desert dream

The desert. Hot and dry. The red-hot sand makes every step on the bruised legs so painful. The harsh rays of the sun pierce like a knife into the body exhausted by the road. The sore dry lips have not tasted a drop of water for so long, barely whisper silent prayers for mercy and …

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