Be a blessing

Be a blessing

*Meaning of the word blessing:
Who brings an abundance of goods…Good word…

I haven’t blogged in a while. And I had good reason for it again. I was totally engaged with my art and design projects, and about a month and a half ago I started a new job with the idea of ​​saving money to realize them.
My job is in a large shop located on two floors, i.e. like a small Shopping Center/Mall. There is a wide variety of goods on offer and I feel like I’m walking several kilometers every day as I perform my duties in the various sectors.

Different atmosphere

The interesting thing is that before I was appointed to my current position, I went in several times to shop and thought that if I had the opportunity, I would work here (unlike other stores) – the employees are helpful, they don’t bother me, they help me find of goods without stressing me with their presence, they are positive, smiling, calm and exude a lot of optimism.

And here I am today – I am one of them. Do I also radiate this positive charge like them? Well, I hope so. At least according to the words of the clients whom I have helped and with whom I have talked, I can judge that I am not doing badly at all – they thank me for my good attitude, responsiveness and kindness…

There is no perfect workplace. I think you know it well too. Well, if you’re the boss – maybe! I do not know. There are always pros and cons. Regarding my new job – there are quite a few cons that I don’t want to comment on. But for me, the positive things are extremely important – I met good people there! We spend more time with our colleagues than even with our families, right? And let’s be honest (even if we don’t want to): the workplace more or less becomes like a second home, especially if you work a minimum of 8 hours every day, 6 days a week (i.e with only 1 day off).

The good in them

I am thankful to God that I found these people. Despite the problems that each one of them has, their positive spirit and sense of humor, laughter, smiles, mutual support, help, honesty, sharing, etc. are things that give strength during long working days and bring us closer. And not only that – I’m glad to see the good in them. I have already told them several times that they are the reason I go to work because they make this place sunny and positive despite all the other negative and unpleasant details about our work….

Good instead of evil

I am also happy when I see negative customers, haughty, unwelcoming, irritable, complaining, sullen and seemingly ready to start a scandal, but who quickly change their attitude and tone because of our good behavior. Well, it doesn’t always work out, unfortunately, but at least we try. The Bible, God’s Word says, “Overcome evil with good.” Sometimes even staying silent helps more than responding to a bad comment in a bad way.

I hope you don’t get the wrong impression – this is definitely not the perfect workplace with the perfect staff. Yes, we all act professional and positive, but I believe we are all perspicacious enough to notice our flaws, our mistakes, and have to swallow someone’s bad mood often. But the attitude with which we meet each other’s mistakes is very important to me. I hope I never hear criticism and dissatisfaction behind my back, because I am a person who likes open relationships and face-to-face conversations…

Negatives or positives

Unfortunately, there are many negatives related to my new job. As I mentioned above – I have no intention of commenting on them. Even this morning my husband reminded them and finally remarked, “This work is not a blessing for you.” But the thought that immediately dawned on me and I spoke out loud in response was, “I think you’re right, but maybe I’m a blessing to my colleagues…And when you bring a blessing to someone, it’s always two-way.”
I sincerely hope so, but only time will tell.

Be a blessing

It is good to think about this: we do not necessarily expect to receive blessings all the time. There are times in life when God sends us to places or to people where we can be a blessing to them. You will ask “How”?. It’s not complicated. A good word spoken in time; to listen to someone’s shared pain; to give advice; to help in a difficult moment; to make someone laugh…. even (when necessary) not to spare the truth, but to make someone think about facts that he did not know or ignored until now…
Whether the other person or others will perceive you as a blessing to them, I cannot promise you that. But I sincerely hope so! And you, too, look around and notice the one who is different (in a good way, of course), from whom you will hear something important and meaningful, someone from whom you can take valuable truths and lessons. Don’t miss out on another blessing in your life. Sometimes they come briefly and go unnoticed….

My wish is that we continue to see the good in others even when it is difficult and be a blessing to someone….


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