About me

Artist (see here), photographer (see here), designer. I like: reading spiritual books, healthy eating, living away from the madness of big cities. I am in love with the sea and nature. Life without cats is boring, so I always have at least one at home: -) ….
But what makes me feel alive and meaningful is my faith in God and in the truth of His word – the Bible, whose authenticity has been proven by:
the History and even by
I believe that faith is something that everyone has in themselves to some degree and that can be developed or fall away. From God’s word, I learned that faith is a unique force that can “move mountains.” It can lead to change, to start from the beginning, can make a miracle happen… Not only I did understand that, but since I discovered the Source of my Faith – God, this power has become a part of my life and my way of thinking. .
In my blog I want to make you empathize with all the interesting things that I personally find on the pages of the most unique bestseller of all time – the Bible, and which I manage to write down, of course.
Sometimes not just one of the thousands of stories out there, a psalm or a verse, but even a single word can become a whole topic to dive into and find your Creator, Savior and yourself … To discover the meaning. ..where you come from, why you are here and where you are going ..
If you believe…



P.s In this blog, two loving people support me with their professional text editing, my English writing (I am sorry for the mistakes, but English is not my mother tounge), with ideas and opinions – my mother and my husband. So three people hope to contribute to a better day full of optimism, faith, hope and encouragement after you`ve been here and read a little.